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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great new title!

It's true. I have done it yet again.

My coauthor was told she probably wouldn't be able to use her title "Bat Out of Heck" and so she's been trying to come up with a new one. And I've been trying to give it to her, only her mind has been so distracted by her son moving to Pennsylvania that she hasn't been listening. But (finally!) I got through! I looked exceedingly cute, she picked me up, and I got close enough o use my superior mind control technique. (I always use my powers for good, of course.)

She loved it! So now the romantic comedy about a NASCAR driver and a woman with a lot of speeding tickets is titled Head Over Wheels. Good for a smile, right?

How do I come up with such good titles? It's not easy. I don't settle for just any old thing. I may walk low to the ground, but my expectations are very high, and a title has to stand tall to meet them. The secret is to sniff a title -- a great one smells delicious.

Great titles are so much fun, whether they're movie titles or book titles. I love titles that give the scent of the entire movie or book.

Holes ... Star Wars ... Groundhog Day ... Murder Boogies With Elvis ... Free Agency--And How to Enforce It (yes, that is another one of mine)

I'm thinking of teaching classes about it, but where would I hide such a big pile of biscuits? Maybe in the shed ...


  1. Gus, I would love to hear about what you've been up to.

  2. Gos you are adorable and I'd bring you home if my 3 cats Noelle, Sassy, and Lucy would allow it.
    Love your blog. Keep up the good work and keep your human happy.