Let me sniff your hand.

Okay, you're a friend. I'll let you in my territory.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You can keep a secret, right?

Do you know how difficult it is for a little dog to get on to the computer and blog? I hope you appreciate my sacrifice in bringing the truth to you all.

Contrary to common belief, I have ghostwritten several books. Perhaps you've heard of them? How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini? My idea. Old Maid of Honor? Sunbeams on the Loose? My sense of humor comes out in my titles, don't you agree? Women Who Knew the Mortal Messiah? Yes, even dogs have a spiritual side.

But I'm not all fluffiness, as you'll learn if you ever cross me. I can bite your ankle and I can also also bump you off in my mysteries. Yes, I write mysteries. Murder mysteries. But don't worry; people who give me biscuits and back scratches will definitely stay on my good side.

Wait? Do you hear that? My writer friend is coming. I've got to jump down before she learns about my blog. I mean, she's not going to want the whole world knowing her deep, dark secret.

You can keep a secret, can't you?

Gotta run!


  1. Gus, i am such a fan. I've read Zucchini and i like it very much. Would you do me a fave though and put that little paw an extra time on the space bar after paragraphs? Then, my eyes will have a better time following your posts. i am looking forward to more insights into a blog-writing dog. I tweeted your link on Twitter & invited some other friends to check you out. Happy belly rubs.

  2. Thanks for the help from my number one fan. Paws are very challenging to use while typing, but I'm getting better at it. Thanks for the belly rubs.